1000KG Davit cranes with 6000LBS electric winch --- Electric Winch Hoist Type(Standard)

Keyword:6000LBS electric winch   Time:2021-7-5 9:53:41

咨询产品:  Davit cranes
客户姓名:  Steven Lowie
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客户留言:  Can you please provide price for: B.Electric Winch Hoist Type(Standard) How much can you lift it in single rope use?

RAMHOIST: 1t davit crane with 6000lbs electric winch (standard): 380 USD/unit, it can lift 500KG in single rope use and 1000kg in double rope use.

Davit cranes 43.jpg

in the max. jib length (with circled point 250KG), it can lift 250 kg in double rope and 125kg (250kg/2) in single rope

in the min. jib length (with circled point 1000KG), it can lift 1000 kg in double rope and 500kg (1000kg/2) in single rope