Interested in 5 of mini construction cranes with 1.5 ton capability from Malta

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咨询产品:  mini construction crane
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客户留言:  Hello, Interested in 5 of these units with 1.5 ton capability. Possibly single phase operation. Wire rope length 30m Remote control is required. Thanks.

RAMHOIST: 650 USD/unit (Ex-works)

single phase

the price is based on the frame can bear 1.5T (means it can lift 1.5ton)

normal frame only bear 1T (means although the electric hoist can lift 1500kg in double rope, but the frame can not bear and so the actual lifting weight is 1T)  and price is much cheaper.

Customer: Good morning Yang,


Can you please advise where the counter weight is mounted?


Or does the crane have to be bolted to the ground?  We prefer counter weight.


These cranes will need to be moved from one site to the other for hoisting tiles and sanitary ware.


Do you have a platform with which to hoist the tiles and sanitary ware, like a box or a tray?

RAMHOIST: pls check below photos where the counter weight is mounted

we do not make that platform you mentioned, i think you can buy that platform in your local market easily

mini construction crane with counter weight mounted-2.jpg

mini construction crane with counter weight mounted-3.jpg

RAMHOIST: you can also use a webbing web (Below) or wire rope web to instead of platform  (网兜)



3 (1).jpg

Customer: Thanks we are assessing the possibility and we will get back to you.