Mini Construction Cranes 500kg to Alabama, USA

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咨询产品:  Mini Construction Cranes 500kg
客户姓名:  Had***
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客户留言:  I am interested in the 500kg crane listed on your site. I want to know how much the 500kg crane costs with 110volt motor option? Also, how much shipping would cost? *****, Dauphin Island, Alabama 36528 Thank you

RAMHOIST: Mini Construction Cranes 500kg with 110volt motor: 260 USD (Ex-works)

May I know what's the quantity you need?

May i know which seaport is convenient for you to pick up then we will calculate the sea freight etc, for the heavy goods, we do not suggest door to door to your address since freight is very high 

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Customer: I only need the one 500kg crane right now, but would like to sell more in the future.

How much is it without the motor, just the crain? 
Would I be receiving a crane identical to the yellow one picture on the website?
I rather have shipping quoted to my door DDP shipping please. 
I don't have time to go to the port. 
How do you accept payment?
Thank you

RAMHOIST: could you pls send you postal code then we will calculate the DDP shiping cost thanks

Customer: The postal code is 36528

I wanted to know if there would be a an option to get one without a motor? How much would just the crain cost by itself without the electric motor? How would that change shipping cost?

How are do you accept payments?

RAMHOIST: 500kg mini crane frame (without the electric motor): 150 USD

Express cost: 15 USD/kg * 50kg =750 USD

you can pay by paypall or to our company account

await for you decision then we will work accordingly, thanks

Customer: Thank you, I will let you know soon.

Customer: I am going to have to wait for shipping cost to decrease. I am not sure when that will be but for this business venture it will have to wait until then. I appreciate your time and speedy responses.  

I will keep your company contact for future opportunities.

RAMHOIST: well noted, thanks

if you have cheap agent in china we can also send goods to them to handle.

the best option is to buy bulk order and transport by sea, it is very cheap by sea.