Requirement for 01 No. x Double Girder 10 Tons Overhead Crane from Pakistan

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Dear Sir

We are in a requirement for 01 No. x Double Girder 10 Tons Overhead Crane for the following specifications:

Double Girder 10 Tons Overhead Crane

Quantity: 01 No.




Technical Specifications:

Lifting capacity: 10 Tons

Testing capacity: 12 Tons

Span: 10.6 meter

Lifting height: 06 meter

Lifting speed: 7 m/ min

Travelling length: 55 meter

Working class: ISO A4/ FEM 1m or equivalent

Trolley travelling speed: 20 m/ min

Crane travelling speed: 20 m/ min

Power supply: 380-420V/ 50 Hz/ 3 phase

Protection grade: IP44

Insulation grade: F

Static testing of main girder1.25 %

Dynamic testing of main girder: 1.1%

Operation type: Pendant line/ remote control

Main parts of crane like hoist, motor, wheel, wire rope, control box, limit switch & electric elements should be from reputed firms.

Crane should have safety devices like overload limiter, buffer & bus bar preventer plate etc.



Main Girder: Carbon structural steel Q235B

Rail Tracks: Carbon structural steel Q235B (P-38 type)

End Carriages: Carbon structural steel Q235B provides horizontal travelling with three in one motor and buffer.

Hook: Drop forged, plain C type, swivelling on thrust bearing, equipped with safety buckle and pulley health.

Wheel: Installed on the crane end carriages as drive wheels, high carbon material, intermediate quenched.

Lifting Hoist: Wire rope lifting, single speed with travelling trolley and reducer, include limit switch, protection class F class

Lifting Motor: Special designed squirrel-cage motor for electric hoist, protection class IP44


Mandatory Accessories:

Lifting hoist, electric wire rope hoist with drum: 01 Set

Rail guide track, P38 type: 110 Mtr

Hook hot forged, with safety latch: 01 set

Electric parts (reputable brand): 01 set

Limit Switches for Lifting, overload & long travel04

Electric cable high quality (reputed make): 12 Mtr

Wireless radio frequency control: 01

Maintenance free motors (reputable brand): 04

Buffers: 02 set

Any other accessories which are the part of standard package should also be provided.


Main Parts:

Hoist: 01

Motor: 04

Wheel: 08

Wire rope: 01

Control box: 01

Limit switches: 04

Electric elements: 01 set


Safety Standards: Crane should comply to following international standards:

EN ISO 12100:2010,

EN 14492-2:2006+A 1:2009+AC:2010

EN 60204-32:2008

EN 61000-6-2:2005+AC:2005

EN 61000-6-2:2005+AC:2005

Or equivalent


Warranty terms: 18 months from supply date.


Documents required:

02 sets x operating manuals & part catalog

Maintenance manual containing maintenance routines

Original OEM Certificate of Conformity indicating:

-          Part No. of the equipment.

-          Description of equipment & accessories along with quantity.

-          Date / Period of manufacturing.

-          Conformance of standards / specifications

OEM Test Certificate

Provision of CD / DVD based operation and training video.

You are requested to quote us your Discounted Prices on FOB Basis mentioning your earliest delivery period.
Also attach Technical Literature along with your offer.
Your favorable and early response in this matter will be highly appreciated.


RAMHOIST: 16300 USD/unit