Interested in purchasing mini crane for our glazing projects

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Customer: Hi, we are interested in purchasing mini crane for our glazing projects. I took your number from your website. My name is Armen, I'm head of company St***, located in Armenia.

We need a mini crane which can handle 500kg

we need to install it on the roof of building which height is about 60m

we'll install suction cups on it to lift glass panels for facade glazing

need a mini crane which can handle 500kg.jpg

Like this

RAMHOIST: Pls check below picture, is any picture you prefer:

Crawler crane-4.jpgCrawler crane-5.jpg

Crawler crane-6.jpg

Customer: We need to install the crane on the roofs of the buildings in the period of our projects than take it of from htere, the systems in your photos seem to be very heavy and we'll not be able to lift them on the roof

RAMHOIST: then u can use mini construction crane

Customer: Yes. Do you produce?


check this link

Customer: Max Lifting height?

RAMHOIST: no problem for 30m

Customer: We need 60m

RAMHOIST: may I know the max weight is 500kg for 60m lift?

Customer: Yes

RAMHOIST: no problem

with more lifting height, the lifting weight will gradually decrease, we make 2 t mini construction crane for u

Customer: Must be 2t to lift 500kg?

RAMHOIST: 1300 usd

yes, if within 30m , 1t is enough

Customer: In that case is 2t enough? Will it be safe?

RAMHOIST: yes, safe

Customer: it also rotates?


Customer: can it be with remote control? or with long cable so that it can be controlled from the bottom of the building

RAMHOIST: u always control in the bottom building which is 60 away from the mini construction crane?

Customer: Not always but may be sichbsituations

RAMHOIST: need extra 200usd for remote control

Customer: And overall price will be?

RAMHOIST: 1500 usd

Customer: Ots very expensive. I have offer 700$

Customer: Is there anuthing special?

RAMHOIST: they should be 1ton


RAMHOIST: without remote control, correct?

Customer:with cable, long cable

RAMHOIST: we can make with this price, but 1.5ton is not safe for lifting 500kg in 60m

Customer:what can be the last price for 2 tons?

RAMHOIST: 1400usd with remote control

Customer: May I have tech specification for motor?

RAMHOIST: in the link I sent u

Customer: Also nothing about motor, there is also writen 30m


30m is standard one

we will make 60m for u

Customer: doe this system have brakes?

also whats the thickness of ropes?

RAMHOIST: has brake


Customer: what will be the weight of motor? we need to take it to the roof can 2 person take it by hand


yes can

Customer: if we decrease the load like max 300kg, will the price change?

RAMHOIST: yes then 1.5t is ok to use

what is u decision?

Customer: What's the last price for 1.5 ton model?

RAMHOIST: 650usd without remote control

ok for u?

Customer: Hi, and if we add remote how much will it increase?

 650 usd is ok, but we also need remote control

RAMHOIST: 850 usd

Customer: Ok, I confirm it. We're loading container from different supplers of different goods. During 2-3 weeks we'll load and order also to you.

 May I know your warehosue location?

Also do you have in stock or need to produce?

RAMHOIST: need to produce


need 10 days to produce

RAMHOIST: where is u container loading? we will ask freight and send there

Customer: We are still planing. I'll give my agent contacts so that you can arrange


confirm the power supply in u side?

Customer: Hello

Thansk for sendning the invoice

power supply is 220v?

Also can we make 70m rope, just for spare

RAMHOIST: what is the power supply in u site?

Customer: 220v 50 hz

RAMHOIST: single phase ?

Customer: yes

May I have the address of your warehouse?

RAMHOIST: may I know u come to our warehouse to pick up or we send to u? which location u need us to send?

need addItional 30 usd for 140 m wire rope extra

check which plug u need?

Armen Abrahamyan: Hi

We gona load container from Tianjin

Why do we need 140m wire? We'll connect to the plug on the roof

RAMHOIST: lifting height 60m, if use in one fall rope then it is 70m extra, while if u use in double fall rope, then it is 140m

Armen Abrahamyan: I thought you mean electric cable. ok no problem for rope lets add

RAMHOIST: package+freight cost to Tianjin = 180 usd

Armen Abrahamyan: its too expensive

what king of packaging are you going to provide? its all metal you can just wrap with film and the motor in simple wooden crate

RAMHOIST: if no warehouse cost then it is 130 usd

Armen Abrahamyan: Send me your warehouse address I may find cheaper delivery or our truck may collect it as we are going to load other goods as well

RAMHOIST: 20 usd for u said package

we found a cheaper forwarder , it is 70 usd

Armen Abrahamyan: Its ok

Armen Abrahamyan: Pls send me updated pi

Also packing list or at least dimensions and weight

RAMHOIST: included freight or not in the updated pi?

Armen Abrahamyan: Included freight

RAMHOIST: dimension: jib: 3000—600—450 base: 1100—1000—1200  motor: 800—320—400



Armen Abrahamyan: Hello Yang. May I know 200v motor will be able to work several hours without interuptions?

RAMHOIST: for each motor, u need to work, rest and work again, otherwise it will burned out

it lift to one position, then stop to finish the job, then continue to work up or down, so there is no what you said "work continues"

Armen Abrahamyan: We are going to lift 19th floor about 60m, during this time it must work without stop. Can your offered crane work?

when we lift to top, of course there will be rest for some time and again down to bottom to lift new items

the thing is there will be situations we not stop on the half way of lifting. we only stop n the top

RAMHOIST: no problem,

Armen Abrahamyan: thats good. and in this case what's the main difference of 220v and 380V motor?

RAMHOIST: single phase and three phase

Armen Abrahamyan: I know single and three, the question is not this. I wana know if 3 phase have any advantages over 2phase

RAMHOIST: 3 phase has more power than 1 phase and more reliable

Armen Abrahamyan: Hello Yang. can you pls update the proforma for our order?

3phase model

Hello Yang. We ara going to finalize our order and make payment. My agent Steven called you in order to check delivery questions but you havent answer the call.

RAMHOIST: 380v 3phase 50 hz , correct?

Armen Abrahamyan: yes

Hello Yang. Steven, my agent will call you to check the details of delivery

RAMHOIST: he has sent a dress to me yesterday

RAMHOIST: it is Guangzhou nut not Tianjin as before

Armen Abrahamyan: Actually I don't sort out such kind of questions. Steven aranges all logistics

RAMHOIST: may I know the money is wired from Armenia?

Armen Abrahamyan: havent you received?

I sent pmt order to you

We checked with our bank, money is out from here

RAMHOIST: we have received,

Armen Abrahamyan: Good

RAMHOIST: only state Administration of foreign exchange what to know which country it is wired from

Armen Abrahamyan: Armenia

Armen Abrahamyan: Hello Yang. I'd like to know when will you deliver our order. And pls send me packing list

RAMHOIST: we can delivery goods next week

pls send the address that we will delivery, thanks

the goods have already leave our factory to your warehouse, below are some site photos:

1.5 ton mini constructin crane, lifting height 60m, with remote control-1.jpg

1.5 ton mini constructin crane, lifting height 60m, with remote control-6.jpg

1.5 ton mini constructin crane, lifting height 60m, with remote control-3.jpg