Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane

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Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane

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Project No.: DQ20220922BALH1

Quotation Date: 2022-September-22

     Project: Double girder overhead crane  

1,Price and Terms










FOB Qingdao (USD)






LH double girder   overhead crane

Lifting Capacity:5T 

Span: 15.51m

Lifting Height: 15m


Control:  pendent control + remote control







    2Sea freight to Miami port, Florida (one 40GP)

           $ 8000 



Main frame: Plastic                 Spare parts: Strong Plywood Box


Payment term

  50% T/T  deposit, 50% before delivery.


Delivery time

 30 working days after receiving 50%deposit Exclude the force majeure 




12 months from date of commissioning or 18 months after dispatch from

factory whichever comes first.



15 days from the date of this quotation.


l  Our offer includes supply of complete crane & power line.

l  Installation, commissioning & site testing: No included.

l  Crane runway beam,no include,can be provided according to clients request.

l  All technical specifications will be strictly as mentioned in our offer.


2, Technical Data sheet


Double Girder Overhead Crane

Lifting capacity


Lifting height




Power supply

400v,50hz, 3P


Remote control +pendent control

Long Traveling speed                                   20m/min
Trolley traveling speed                                   20m/min

Lifting speed

8 m/min

Long traveling speed


Cross traveling power                                     2x0.25kw
Lifting power                                        7.5kw
Total power                                        9.5kw
Working class                                          A3

Ambient temperature


Insulation class


Protection class


Max wheel load


Recommended rail


Wire rope dia                                        15mm


Limit switch, overload limit. Traveling limit, emergency stop,Auto braking of all motors on power loss Anti-collision device etc



3,Supply scope



Main girders


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-2.jpg


Main   girders with maintenance platform at one side. Q235B carbon structural steel.

Three layers painting



End carriages


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-3.jpg


Q235B carbon square steel structure, provides horizontally travelling for the crane with three-in-one motors and buffers





Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-4.jpg



Drop Forged, Plain ‘C’ type; Swiveling on Thrust Bearing; Equipped with safety buckle and pulley sheath





Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-5.jpg

Installed on the crane end carriages as drive wheels, high carbon steel material. Vacuum casting by our group, Intermedium quenching by top technique machinery antirust painting.



Lifting hoist


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-6.jpg


Wire rope lifting, single speed, with traveling trolley and reducer, drum and motor, include overload limiter switch Protection class F class




Lifting motor


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-7.jpg

Manufactured by Nanjing Special Motor factory, Chinese best motor brand.

Special designed Squirrel-cage motor for the electric hoist.

Maintenance free. Insulation class F. Protection class IP54.

Electromagnetic brake system





Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-8.jpg



Hoist lifting reducer, totally enclosed type with Splash Lubrication, gear box shell pressure casting






Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-9.jpg



CHINT brand, Famous electric brand in China





Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-10.jpg



Self-produced. Drums made of high quality seamless steel processed by CNC machine.



Rope guide


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-11.jpg


Installed on the winding drum to guide the wire rope, nodular cast iron



Wire rope


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-12.jpg


Rope structure 6×37SW. Strength of extension: 1670 N/m2



Festoon cable


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-13.jpg



C type cable track; Connection power with trolley


Lifting Limit   switches


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-14.jpg


For lifting protection, prevent the hook from knocking the hoist


Traveling Limit   switches


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-15.jpg


For cross travel & long travel, Protect the crane before it crashes the object



Overload limiter


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-16.jpg



For lifting protection, monitor the crane situation





Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-17.jpg



Used for anti-collision




Pendent Control


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-18.jpg


Button: Up and down; left and right; front and back; start and stop; emergency stop;

Safe and reliable





Remote control

Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-19.png

Radio frequency control

Safe and reliable


Note: Recommended Rail Specification


Top Width(mm)

Bottom   Width(mm)









Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-20.jpg


4,Pictures of item for reference

Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-21.jpg

Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-23.jpg

Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-22.jpg

Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-24.jpg

5,Overhead Crane Processing

 Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-25.jpg


6,Parts of our cooperated client’s cranes

Company Name

Crane Specification/QTY



Omera Petroleum Limited

Omera Cylinders Limited

In Chittagong




20 ton double girder overhead crane 3sets


Omera Petroleum Limited Bought our double girder   overhead crane before 2years, they   are using


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-26.jpg




PRAN-RFL Group In Dhaka Bangladesh



5ton,10ton,20ton single girder overhead crane 8sets 20ton,25ton gantry crane 2sets



PRAN-RFL Group purchased the whole project of crane from us.


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-27.jpg


Crescent   Steel and Allied Products Limited Pakistan

Single girder overhead crane 10T-12M-6M 2 Sets

Double girder overhead crane

30/10-24m H12M-4sets

They are one big steel company in Pakistan Local,   this metallurgical had used   4 there years, clients are very

pleased with it


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-28.jpg







Double girder overhead crane

50/20T-21M   H=18m-1 set

This Metallurgical Double girder overhead crane is ueasd in ALGERIA, but it is buy of Turkey clients. This Crane had used one year, everything

goes smoothly now


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-29.jpg




Score   Group UK

Double girder gantry crane 50T---22.5M H12.5M------------------- 1

set(UK   company use) Single girder overhead crane

20T---31m H9m---------------------- 2 sets

They are one UK original company,and serve in the airplane motor,oil,warehouse etc   filed.Their engineer finished the installations well according to our   installations

manuals and electrics drawing


Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-30.jpg


7,Package and Delivery

Quote for 5 ton double girder overhead crane-35.jpg

8,Technical Standards

Design and Construction Rules

All the standards required for the cranes are the FEM standard, DIN standard and Chinese National standard.


Europe Main National Standards

--           89/392/EEC standard (93/68/EEC)

--           91/368/EEC standard

--           73/23/CEE standard

--           "EMC" standard 89/336/EEC

--           EN 60204-1

--           EN 292 mechanical safety

--           ISO 2141

--           ISO 2766


International Standards

--           June 9, 1993 / Sept. 22, 1993 notice

--           July 29, 1992, 92-765, 92-766, 92-767 notice

--           DIN 5684

--           DIN 15400; DIN 15401

--           NFE 26-010

--           NFE 26-030


Technical Standards




FEM 9.511

FEM 9.661

FEM 9.671

Mechanical group

Hoisting and traveling components size and quality standard Wire rope quality standard


FEM 9.681

Travel motor choice


FEM 9.682

Hoisting motor choice


FEM 9.755

Electric hoisting equipment


FEM 9.811

Electric crane standard


FEM 9.901

Hoisting components design reference


IEC 34-1

Traveling and allocation performance


IEC 34-5

Protection grade standard


IEC   947-5-1

Low voltage equipment


China Main National Standards

Design rules for cranes                                                                                    GB/T 3811-2008

Safety rules for lifting appliances                                                                      GB 6067-2010

Common crane technical condition                                                                   GB 7592-87 Crane-Overhead travelling crane and portal bridge crane

tolerances for manufacture and tracks laying                                                   GB/T 10183-2010

Crane-test code and procedures                                                                       GB/T 5905-2011

General Bridge crane                                                                                       GB/T 14405-2011

Portal Crane                                                                                                    GB/T 14406-2011

Crane & Lift Equipment Technical Performance and Acceptance Condition         GB/T 17908-1999 Electrical installation and acceptation standard                             GBJ 232-82 Safety of Machinery - Electrical Equipment of Machines

Part 32: Requirements for hoisting machines                                                    GB 5226.2-2002

Electrical installation and acceptance standard                                                 GB 50256-96

9,Technical Drawing

Drawing for 5ton double girder overhead crane.pdf