Workshop Double Girder Beam Goliath Trolley Hook Gantry Crane 20 Ton with Remote Control

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Brief Introduction
 1. A model double beam gantry crane consists of four main parts:
  the bridge structure, the trolley traveling mechanism, crane traveling mechanism and the electric equipment.
 2. The girders and frame are welded structure without weld joint and high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity.
 3. The lifting mechanism is electric trolley, it can equip with hook and other tools to lift containers. Some rail, gear, wheel relevant parts with good quality manufactured by our own group, the quality is easily been controlled.
 4.The main electric parts are Siemens and other famous brand. The motor is heavy duty slide ring type, the buffer adopts polyurethane material and the brake is electric hydraulic type.
 5. This crane has two kind conductive forms: cable and slip line. 
 Slip line are first recommended, the conductive form and position should be definite when place an order.
 6.Application: construction usage, workshop usage, container usage, mineral area usage, port usage.
 7.Control Method: The control method could be ground control, remote control, cabin control or both, in the cab there are adjustable seat, insulating mat on the floor, toughened glass for the window, fire extinguisher, electric fan and auxiliary equipment such as air condition, acoustic alarm and interphone which can be furnished as required by users. 

Why choose us

  1. Operational part of human design, more in line with your operation habits.

  2. PLC technology reliable control, reduce the cost of artificial maintenance.

  3. Intelligent design, provide remote collaboration, real time monitoring.

  4. Our gantry crane are widely recognized and trusted by users.


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