1T manual man riding davit

Keyword:1T manual man riding davit   Time:2023-3-21 18:12:58

Dear Sir/Mdm,


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Can your company supply this 1T manual man riding davit? The manual chain hoist will need to come with Zone 2 Certification by ATEX.


RAMHOIST: 吊臂长度有没有要求? 要不要带底座一起做 (形如第二张图片)

Customer: 你好!


1.  吊臂长度: 2m

2.  要不要带底座一起做需要的。

3.  起重高度:24.52m


Customer: Hi Yang,


Good day!


I have additional add-on item below. For your quotation, can you please provide an official quotation letter and proposal drawing?


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RAMHOIST: i do not know what's your meaning for emergency recovery rope access technician, default one is with wire rope, do you also need a electric winch?

Customer:  We will require a manual hoist for SWL 1T, with the davit.

2.      Man-riding device: For lifting of man (150kg) under emergency situation. Please include the lifting device in your quotation.

1, 我们将需要吊1T 的手动葫芦,带吊

2.载人设备:在紧急情况下提升人(150公斤)。 请在您的报价中包含起重装置