Inquiry for Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane from Australia

Keyword:Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane   Time:2023-8-12 14:16:09

Hi Mr. Yhang,


Hope this email finds you well. We are interested in purchasing a Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane. I am reaching out to inquire about the pricing and availability of this product to your company. To provide clear reference see, below photos. Could you please provide us detailed quotation for the Hydraulic Floor Crane.

Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane-3.jpg

Looking forward to receiving your response soon.



Feel free to let me know if you have any queries. Thanks

RAMHOIST: 1ton fully electric floor crane: 3700 USD

more technical details pls check:

Site photos we delivered to Qatar before:

Customer: Hi Mr. Yang,


Thank you for providing the quotation. I have a question about the product. Is the item in the picture exactly the same as the one quoted? We are concerned that it might not work if the width of the machine is 140mm wide.


Please confirm. Thanks

RAMHOIST: i assume you mean 1400mm but not 140mm,  the width between legs: 980mm