Quote for a electric crane

Keyword:floor electric crane   Time:2023-10-14 8:41:51

Customer: Hello I would like a quote for a floor electric crane

RAMHOIST: 1ton fully electric floor crane: 3700 USD

more technical details pls check: http://ramhoist.com/Cranes-Components2/1890.html

Site photos we delivered to Qatar beforehttp://www.ramhoist.com/Cranes-Components2/1942.html

Customer: Hello yang. Could you Sendme the quote in pdf because I have to Send it to the engineer and he gastado to print it. Also, this model is not rotative right? Do you have some model rotative? Thankyou

RAMHOIST: pls check attached

yes, we have rotative model RMF01: 7000 USD

technical offer: http://ramhoist.com/Cranes-Components2/3925.html

Operation video of RMF01 swivel floor electric crane (rotative model, 旋转小吊机): https://youtu.be/ymcvtaPrdf4