Mobile Jib Crane 5T - Ram Hoist from Singapore

Keyword:Mobile Jib Crane 5T   Time:2023-11-4 7:03:29

Dear Sir/Madam,


Please quote:


Mobile Jib Crane 5T

Base: minimum/around 1.2m square

Counterweight: shall be provided by buyer, assume 5 to 8T

Height of hook: 8.5m

Hook travel: 2.5m


Base travel mechanism: Can be battery operated motor or manual movement, similar to pallet truck jack.


Qty: 2 sets



RAMHOIST: pls check whether you need is like electric floor crane attached

Customer: Yang,


I enclose our requirements for your review and initial comments.

Movement around the fabrication shop is limited.

We have overhead cranes but the height is interfering with our project.




Customer: Yang,


This is an example of our workshop.

The height from floor to hook is 7m, so we can’t use the workshop for fabrication.


Please suggest solutions.

Mechanical Workshop.jpg

RAMHOIST: So what you need is mobile jib crane to lift 5T goods max. to 8.5m height, in this case, the jib crane only be used in the middle of your workshop since i fould if used in otther place, the height is limited