High Performance European Top Running Double Girder Trolley Wire Rope Electric Hoist Trolley Double Drive

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 Double girder trolleys are mainly used for the lifting mechanism of the overhead crane and gantry cranes, which composed by the CD1/MD1/HC etc. With working duty of M3 and  M4, suitable for working in the middle and light conditions. The lifting speed with normal speed and creep speed, when in the precision working conditions, it should choose the creep speed. The trolley traversing speed only has one.

Our double girder trolleys' features are as follows.
 • Well appearance with professional and reasonable design, precise dimensions, top beauty
 • Easy to install and dismantle, easy to change parts when broken and strong rigidity
 • High and safety working performance, precision move and stop smoothly
 • Smooth and compact body, light weight, small size and rugged construction
 • Independently driven and smooth operation make customers easy to master and operate
 • Thermal protection for travelling motor provides more secure for load jobs
 • 42CrMo alloy forged wheels provide the good shock resistance and wear resistance
 • High-performance MIT pendant control controls trolley makes the operation precise and accurate
 • Equipped with the overload limiter to ensure our products have a safe and accurate operation
 • Alloy steel motor driving gear and motor spindle have super toughness and strength
 • High-quality interlock device makes the load jobs become more safe and reliable
 • Epoxy paint of the top coat makes the products have a longer and better service life
 • Ni-Cr-Mo alloy gear (SNCM220&SCM415) has a better working performance
 • Electromagnetic brake with strong braking force can prevent works from possible danger
 • Environmentally friendly, power consumption, pollution-free and low noise
 Our service
 1. Freely provide project designing, process designing, choosing suitable equipment for you.
 2. Accompany you to complete the acceptance of the equipment, draft the construction scheme and detailed process, and complete process of export
 3. 100% positive feedback
 4. 12 months warranty
 5. Professional technicians provide installation, commissioning services
 6. Technical advisory for any time
 What information shall we offer to get precise quotation & best design?
  1.Span: ?
  2.Lift Height: ?
  3.Lift Capacity: ?
  4.Lift What: ?
  5.Indoor/outdoor ?
  6.Lift Speed: Single/Double/Variable?
  7.Travel Speed: Single/Double/Variable?
  8.Use Environment: Any explosive, combustible air? Temperature?
  9.Workshop practical situation? Drawing.
  10.Use frequency? How many hours/day? How many times/hour?

Whether you can offer the matched spare parts?
  Yep, as crane manufacturer, we offer all the related spare parts, such as motor, hoists, drums, wheels, grabs, hooks, rails, travel beams, enclosed bus bar etc.
 How can we install the crane?
  Our senior engineer can be your side to do the installation guide service and training. Moreover, our best sales can visit your country.
 Whether you can offer customized crane?
  Of course, we are manufacturer, and we have our own engineer R&D group. They can work out customized design according to your requirement. The most important thing is that you tell us what you need.


Electric powered trolley is consist of metal frame, bumpers, wheel, and driven motor. Traveling speed can be customized by adopting different motors. It adopts geared motor with buffer, make sure it operates with soft-starting, begin and stop smoothly.
 The detailed images of our double girder trolleys' components
 Three-in-one motor drive

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Buffer adopts soft starting and flywheel, make start and brake stable, smooth and not shake, and ensure motor high inertia movement.

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 Good quality wheels

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 The wheels put on the rail

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