Quotation MCC05 from Srbija

Keyword:Mini Construction Cranes / MCC05   Time:2024-2-29 8:52:19

Customer: Dear,

we are interested in buying one of your cranes, model:
-  Mini Construction Cranes / MCC05.
Please, send us:
- drawing of this model;
- load capacity of the crane when lowering;
- quotation for one pic.


technical drawing and picurues in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Cranes-Components2/1827.html

Customer: Dear,

thank you for prompt replay.
Is it possible to make some adjustments, we have a problem with the height of the crane.
- We would like to add 400 mm (900+400) on main tube, you can see on picture (Q-1.1).
- What is size of opening for stability pipe on the bottom of crane, you can see on picture (Q-1.1).
- Is it possible to paint crane in light gray color?

- Can you make cover for this type of crane in light gray color?

Mini Construction Cranes  MCC05.jpg

RAMHOIST: regret for 1 set can not be customized

Customer:  We need  official quotation and delivery time for :

1. NANJING RAM MACHINERY CO  Mini Construction Cranes  MCC05      MCC05    USD    270,00     x  1 pc 

Payment via wire transfer against proforma invoice . Please include shipping costs ( City of Belgrade 11000 , Republic of Serbia , Europe) in quotation .
Please refer to att. file for our company/shipping info.       

RAMHOIST: attached PI 

Customer: Dear Sir,

We have accepted  your offer according to proforma invoice from attachment in amount of  895 USD.

We will make payment in full amount. (100%  advance payment).

I will send you proof of payment as soon as i get it from our finance department.

RAMHOIST: well noted, thanks