Eot Crane Supplier Safe Driving Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane 20t 25ton with Grab Bucket

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LD model single girder overhead crane is one kind of light duty crane. It is characterized by more reasonable structure and higher strength steel as a whole. Used together with CD1 model, MD1 model, HC model electric hoist and low head room electric hoist as a complete set.

Main Features of our cranes

1.Light structure,easy installation and maintenance

2.Widely used in different places for hoisting such as factories,warehouses and material yards

3.Reasonable structure,strong bearing capacity

4.Low noise, soft starting and stopping

5.Safe and reliable operation

6.Low cost maintenance, long working life

7.Strong box type,welding by machine hand

8.Wheels,wirerope drum,gears, couplings are processed by CNC machine center, top quality control

9.Heavy duty slipring motor, or Sq.cage motor with VVVF, IP54 or IP44,insulation class F or H,soft starting and smooth running

10.Siemens main electric parts are used for durable and safe operation

Advantages of our single girder overhead cranes

1.Cut down your cost in building of plant and workshop

2.Improve your production efficiency

3.Be suitable for different operating conditions and provide you one-step solutions

4.Reduce daily maintenance

5.Safety with high performance

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Company Information

 Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional and experienced supplier of Overhead Crane, Bridge Crane, Gantry Crane and Jib Crane. Since we have been in the field of crane for many years, we have confidence in solving different kinds of material handling problems.

Advantages of our company

  1. Powerful design capability

  2. Rich experience in crane manufacturing, overseas installation and teat running

  3. High efficient and satisfying online and after-sales service

  4. Safe and detail-oriented package

  5. In time delivery

Consult Service
 Please tell us your specification according the above introduction, if it is difficult to you, kindly see the below the basic parameters or tell us your questions. We will choose a suitable cranes for you.

 Or Just tell me where you will use, then it is my turns.

 • Load capacity: (2t, 5t, 10t, 16t,  20t, .....)                  
 • Lifting height: (2m,  3m, 4m, 5m, 8m.......)
 • Span? with cantilever or not? (18m, 22m,  26m, 31.5m..........)
 • Working voltage: (3-Phase 380V 50HZ,  3-Phase 440V 50HZ,......)