Heavy Duty Electric Double Girder Wireless Remote Control Overhead Hook Crane 15 Ton for Handling Soil, Coals

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Double girder overhead crane is featured by light weight, low headroom and small wheel pressure, significantly saving the investment on plant. The variable frequency control of small and big trolleys makes running reliable, safe and stable. The reasonable structure design ensures good running status of hoist and minimizes abrasion and maintenance of equipment during service. This crane is usually used indoors, such as workshop, plant, stockyard, etc. to lift goods. It is prohibited to use the equipment in the combustible, explosive or corrosive environment.

Brief Introduction

Capacity: 3~20ton

Span: 10.5~31.5m

Lifting height: 6~18m

Crane rail recommended: 24/38

Control method: Pendent line, wireless remote control, operation room(as your demand)

Working class: A3

Power source: 380v 50hz 3phase(standard), can be customized.

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This china Double girder overhead crane is composed of main beam, end carriage, electric hoist, hoist trolley, electric power transmission device and operation room(as your demand).

1.The overhead crane 32/10ton consists of two girders mounted on two or four end carriages depending upon the duty of the overhead crane.

2.The electric wire rope hoist or cart is mounted on the trolley that travel on the upper sides of bridges on a square bar or rail. The power supply is single phase or 3 phases depending on the duty and capacity of the crane used.

3.The end carriages are fitted with wheels that travel on the rail by LT motors.

4.The electrical system consists of PVC Bus Bar or Power rail Enclosed Conductor Bar and Festoon System with Flat Cable attached to the bridge. The control of double girder crane is by pendant control or wireless control system.

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We have rich experience for exporting the Double girder overhead crane to all over the word for many years. Our senior engineer will design out the suitable and workable plan, and you will satisfy with our high quality and after sales service if you can give us chance to cooperate. below is the show of our manufacturing process.

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Our advantages:

1. Customizing according to each client.

2. Our overhead cranes are exported to all over the world, Double girder overhead cranes are widely used in Hongkong, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan.

3. Our company enjoys the famous reputation through the world.

What information should confirm when you send inquiry.

1-Lifting Capacity?

2-Working condition?

3-Lifting height (the distance is from the center of hook to the ground lever)

4-The Span of the main girder?

5-Do you have special request for lifting speed?

6-Power supply:380V/50Hz/3phase is acceptable or not?