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 Jib crane is a small and medium-speed lifting equipment developed in china recently. It has characteristics of unique structure, safe and reliable operation, high, efficiency, energy-saving, effort-saving and flexibility. this crane can be operated under three dimensional condition, Which is superior in the cases of short distance and concentrated lifting, thus It is widely used at various sites for various usage
 360 degree rotation floor mounted jib crane work for light industry, which is by post, rotating arm rotation drive device and electric hoist, column bottom is through on the concrete foundation with anchor bolt, cantilever rotary is driven by cycloidal pinwheel reducer, electric hoist on the cantilever beams as a straight line running from left to right for lifting heavy objects. Jib crane is made of hollow steel structure with the characteristic of light weight, big span and large lifting weight, it is also economy and durable.

Main Features of Jib Crane

1) It is the new generation of the hoist equipment which is developed to meet the requirement of modernized production.
 2) Reasonable structure, it is easy to opearte and with high efficiency, etc .
 3) It is widely used in Workshop, Wareshop, port, Plant, Open Yard, Storage Area and etc.

Safety Device  of Jib Crane

In order to guarantee the normal operation of crane and avoid the unnecessary personal casualty and mechanical damage, the safety device we provide are not only the electric protective devices or alarm bell but also other equipment as follows: 

 1). Overload Limit Switch 

 2). Emergency Stop System

 3). Rail Anchoring

 4). Lifting Height Limit Device 

 5). Voltage Lower Protection Function

 6). Current Overload Protection System

 7). Rubber Buffers

 8). Electric Protective Devices 

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Movable stop buffer

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Product Flow

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Loading Image for Customized 360 degree swivel jib crane with hoist lift

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Factory Show of jib crane  

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