Floor Base Plate Mounted Fixed Column Slewing Manual Rotate 5 Ton Lifting Swing Lever Jib Crane with Motor Hoist

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Floor mounted jib crane with electric hoist is a crane which is used with CD, MD type electric wire rope hoist or RM type electric chain hoist.The bottom of column is fixed on the concrete foundation by the anchor bolts, the driving device is driven by the motor to rotate swing jib, and the electric hoist reciprocates and runs on swing jib. Jib Crane is a new generation of the hoist equipment adopting West Germany technology which is developed to meet the requirement of modernized production.

 1. Rated Lifting capacity: 0.5~20t.

 2. Arm length: 2~10m (Can be designed by customers)

 3. Slewing Mechanism: Electric motor or Manual control

 4. Lifting mechanism: Electric hoists or manual hoist

 5. Two types: BZ model (light medium) and BZD model (heavy duty medium)

 6. Main Material: Q235B Mn Steel

 7. Working Temperature: -25~+40°C

Quality Control
There's no argument that preventive maintenance—conducted in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations—is essential to promoting overhead crane safety. Devoted to the enclosed track work station crane industry, RAMHOIST has decades experience providing overhead handling solutions from 50 lbs to 40 ton to customers in a wide range of industries.

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Used with different kinds of electric hoist:
Floor mounted 2 ton jib crane with electric hoist can be used with mini hoist, wire rope electric hoist and electric chain hoist.

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Different types of jib cranes

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 Column-type Jib crane

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Wall-type Jib crane

Normally, Below information are needed for purchasing the jib crane:
 1.Loading capacity?(Ton)
 2.Lifting height?(m)
 3.Jib length?(m)
 4.Power supply?(V-HZ-Phase)
 5.Where does it used?
 7.FOB or CIF price?(If CIF price, tell us your nearest destination port.)
 8.Any other special demands?

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