High Quality Construction Free Standing Pillar Column Sleeve Mounted Slewing Stationary Electric Motorized Jib Crane

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Free Standing Column Jib Crane made in china
 •The 360 standard jib crane is designed to offer maximum productivity with an industry leading safety factor of 10:1.
 •This enclosed track jib crane provides maximum coverage in 360 areas not served well by other cranes.

 Wall Travelling Jib Crane made in china
 •The wall travelling jib crane is the second transport level which carries goods independently from overhead cranes.
 •It provides fluent moving of materials on an every level of the workshop.
 •Equipped by electric wire rope hoists with low headroom or electric chain hoists series.

 Wall Mounted Jib Crane made in china
 •The overleaping transport of parts from one workplace to another can be perfectly realized avoiding expensive and unnecessary idle times for workers and machinery.
 •The inexpensive handling systems that don't require modification of the building structure in which they are being installed.

Safety cover to prevent gear rotation and accidental injury

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Cantilever towing cable system

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Knob switch which is simple and safe

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Aluminum motor with more stable operation

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The picture of foundation

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 The show of our factory

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Finished products of our Jib cranes

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The column before painting

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