Small Electric Motor Hoist Crane/ 300kg Portable Construction Mini Crane with 220V, 1phase, Rotating 360 Degree for Sale

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Two different types of electric engine mini construction crane

Patent platen electric engine with clutch kind

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1.The steel wire winching block is newly equipped with a wear-resisting nylon rope pressure device so that the steel wire rope can be ranged in order, which can extend the the steel wire rope's lifespan.

2.The engine adopts double-fan system which make the heat dissipation much more effective and the working time much longer. The integrated processing fan supporting shelf makes it much more firm and durable.

3.The reducer case adopts the horizontal structure so that it has a better stability, excellent performance of the lubrication extends of the lifespan and lower noise of the reducer case.

4.The output bearing of the patent clutch main engine is increased 30% in thickness to solve the problem which output bearing is easy to be bent during winching.

5.The electricity-control of the main engine adapts the double-capacities system with the patent design of the strength button to avoid the situation when the main engine doesn't work when the voltage is unstable or lower during the goods is lifted in mid-air.

6. It is much more easy to operate and safe during the lifting thanks to the new design of the positioning screw on the patent clutch

7.About the patent clutch engine, the clutch with the brake is an integrated part so that it can be operated by one hand which is much more safe and convenient in use.

8.The the oily steel wire rope has a longer lifespan. The lifting weight of the hook is 2000kg which can be rotated for 360 degrees thus prevents the rope twisting and goods rotation during lifting.

9.Both rotor and stator's length of the main engine become longer. The material of rotor and stator adapt the TW600-0.5 grade non-oriented electrical steel. The copper wire of the engine selects the ZQY-2/180 grade anti high temperature pure copper enameled wire to guarantee the engine much more powerful.

10.The steel wire rope winching case is increased in thickness, so the layers of the wire rope is decreased from 5 layers to 3 layers to extend the lifespan of the steel wire rope and save the use budget.


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Aluminum electric engine without clutch kind

1.The lifting lug and seat of the main engine is integrated in mold after the precision stamping and cold bending. The main part of the whole engine can bear the pull tension more than 5t.

2.The diameter of the winching block increases 50% so that the squeeze phenomenon among the steel wire rope can be extremely lowered, which will make the lifespan of the wire rope much longer.

3.The main engine's stem is designed with double insurance to guarantee the safe operation.

4.The hoist adopts the 220V big power alongside magneto motor, which guarantees the sensitive brake and safe use.

5.The hoist case selects the high-tension aluminum alloy, the weight of aluminum case decreases 60% compared with the iron case, besides, it has the good-looking appearance, The size of the case body increase 20% which can increase the rope winching capacity and make it widely used.

6.The hoist is equipped with the high-grade large-opening rotation hook, the stress bearing is installed with the rotation bearing to guarantee the bearing can be rotated to avoid the rope winching.

7.The reducer case is designed with innovation to guarantee the precise installation size to make the noise much lower.

8.The power-controlled system has an innovation that it adds the power-stress button system to avoid the situation when the main engine doesn't work when the voltage is unstable or lower during the goods is lifted in mid-air.

9.The steel wire adopts the type of 19* anti-rotation steel wire rope to guarantee the goods not to rotate during lifting.

10.In order to meet the need for long-time working in the special working place, the high-tension cooling fan(optional) is designed and installed along the engine side to make it perfectly work.

You also can choose electric hoist according to the actual situation.

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