DHK type 5 ton overhead small electric hoist 380V

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DHK electric chain hoists are a kind of new lifting equipment which adopt Germany advanced technique and add technological innovation and change structure. They keep the features of chain hoists’ light and convenience and improve the disadvantages of chain hoists such as manual operation and the slow lifting speed, dhk electric chain hoists manufacturers here are very strict to quality.

  • Pressing steel structure, high strength body, light and compact but they are very hard

  • Be able to bring the heat out easily and quickly because of high-quality cooling fins

  • Equipped with inverse phase sequence protecting devices, limit switches and other devices

  • Up and down limit switches are designed to prohibit the chains from exceeding for safety

  • Can be installed by VFD electric and be suitable for single phase power supply as well

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  • Mechanical brakes and dual braking system guarantee hoists to be operated much more safely

  • Can be used safely under high frequency thanks to the electromagnetic contactors(TESSIC)

  • Electrical installation controlling the circuit is not working in the case of power wiring error

  • The gears which are made of aluminum alloy steel play a great role through the heat treatment

  • One year warranty well granted on our top-than-ever commitment to our customers

  • The machine body all adopts the internal bearing in accordance with international standards

  • Tested by professional welders and engineers for safety and security to our products

  • Equipped with FEC G80 chains, which can provide more safety and security to load assignments

  • Provide excellent lifting in extreme conditions and applied to many fields and occasions

  • Fully compliant with high standard and assembled by trained and qualified personnel

  • New, fully tested and certified, which made from high grade DHK electric chain hoists

  • Decent price with competition under the high quality and on-time delivery with great package

  • Side magnetic braking devices ensure DHK electric chain hoists to be  locked when needed

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 Capacity                                                1ton-10ton
 Standard lift                                          3m
 Drive mode                                           Motor
 Sling type                                              Chain
 Operation                                              With pedant cable push button or remote control
 Power supply                                        220v-700v,  50/60 Hz, 3 phase, single or dual voltage
 Control voltage                                     24v,  36v, 42v, 48v, 110v
 Lifting speed                                        1.5m/min-3.6m/min
 Test load                                               1.5t, 3t, 4.5t,  6.25t, 12.5t
 Diameter                                                6mm, 8mm,10mm
 Weight                                                   42kg-120kg
 Certification                                          CE, ISO, SGS
 Additional weight per 1m lift               0.835kg-9.04kg
 Use                                                         Lifting up/down
 Package                                                 Plywood case
 HS code                                                 84251100