Dhk Type High Speed Endless electric chain hoist

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  1. Hoist Body
        The Dhk Type High Speed Endless electric chain hoist has the advantages of light weight, compact structure, a steel structure and a high-strength body. Cooling fins feature up to 40% efficiency and continuous  use, especially designed to ensure fast heat dissipation. The overall closed structure is suitable for use in chemical plants, electroplating plants and other places.

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2. Motor
 It has automatic braking system and thermal protection function. When the motor is overheated, the thermal protection terminal is automatically disconnected to protect the motor. The DC braking system is asbestos-free and the power consumption is effectively reduced.

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3.Side Magnetic Braking Device
   The magnetic generator is the latest design for generating magnetic forces. It allows instant braking once the power is cut  off. This ensures the safety of the brakes during loading.

4. Limit Switch
  The limit switch is installed in the lifting and closing position of the heavy object so that the motor automatically stops to prevent the chain from exceeding the safe range, in other words, the power supply is automatically turned off to prevent the load chain from running out, which is installed at the top and bottom.

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 5. Chain

 The chain of Dhk Type High Speed Endless electric chain hoist adopts imported FEC G80 superheat treated aluminum alloy chain, which can be safely used in harsh environment such as Rain Water and chemicals.

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6. Chain Bag

The chain bag is light, beautiful and compact. High strength plastic containers have excellent durability and can be fully loaded with chains. In addition, it makes the lubrication of the chain easier and more convenient.

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 7. Hook
 It is a kind of hot forging with perfect strength.the top and bottom hooks are made of high strength alloy steel. after special treatment, it is difficult to break and will gradually deform under sudden additional load. The operation safety of the lower hook is ensured by 360 degree rotation and safety tongue (standard safety rotating hook lock).

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  8. Gear
  It is made of carburized and quenched alloy steel to ensure low noise and high efficiency transmission. High quality gears highly protect DHK chain electric hoists from possible or potential hazards.

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9. Electromagnetic contactor.
High quality electromagnetic contactors can be used safely and smoothly, especially at high frequency.
10. Transformer.
Equipped with 24V / 36V transformer. The device is used to prevent accidents caused by leakage and to ensure the safe use when it rains.
 11. Support framework.
The loading support frame is composed of two steel plates and is very strong. Advanced structure and excellent framework can provide more safety for our cranes.

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12. Reverse sequence protection device.
A special electrical device in which the control  circuit does not work in the case of incorrect power wiring. A specially designed current column prevents the motor from running under the wrong wire connection.
 13. Press the button.
Apply the waterproof button. It's lightweight and durable. It has the ability to operate or stop the load immediately.

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 14. Chain Guard
 When lifting begins, chain protectors are used to protect the chain from potential or possible hazards, especially in some extreme cases.

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15.Eccentric Bearing
 This eccentric bearing is also an important part of our DHK chain electric hoist. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and easy to use. More importantly, it can realize the eccentricity function of non-eccentric axis and reduce the manufacturing cost.

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16.Lifting Wheel
 The lifting wheel, with compact structure, is made of good quality steel. And has a good effect on the operations of our DHK electric chain hoists.

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   The front part of motor, reducer, can highly reduce the output speed of motor. And it makes a big contribution in keeping our electric chain hoists from possible dangers and providing security to operations.

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  18.Exploding Diagram

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  Fully machined hoist and fully enclosed gear train.
 1. Double cover protection.
 2. Antifriction ball bearings.
 3. Unique handwheel cover, can guide the bracelet at any angle.
 4. Galvanized bracelet as standard configuration.