7.5 ton DHP type group hoisting electric chain hoist with best price

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Product description:
 DHP Low speed electric chain hoist is a new type lifting equipment with the advantages of light weight and small volume. It is an ideal facility for lifting, transportation, loading and unloading goods. This group of hoists is applicable to the hanging, climbing frame high-rise building. It is extensively used in machining workshops, warehouses, docks, construction line, and shops of various production lines. Being applied in narrow working places, it is exceptionally flexible, convenient and of high efficiency.
 DHP type electric hoist (electric tank  hoist) is mainly used for large oil tanks and building climbing frames, so it is also called group hoisting electric hoist. The DHP group hoisting electric hoist has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, convenient use, reliable braking and simple maintenance.
 DHP series low speed endless chain motor lifting block is newly designed on the basis of HSZ type block. it is driven by the plate braking motor and decelerated by the reducer. it is compact, small, light, efficient, convenient, reliable to brake and easy to maintain. it is suitable for loading and unloading at low speed, installing equipment, mine and engineering construction, so as to saving labor and improving efficiency.

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 DHP type hoist electric hoist is suitable for low speed and small stroke material loading and unloading, equipment installation, mine and engineering construction, etc., with the characteristics of slow lifting speed, light body quality, high hardness of the machine parts, and little wear.
 1.Driven by the plate type braking  motor and decelerated by the reducer
 2.Advanced structure, remarkable frame,
 3.Small, light, efficient, convenient. Reliable  to brake and easy to maintain which is enjoying high popularity in the world  for saving labor and improving efficiency.


  1. With urgent stop switch;

  2. With reinforced breaking switch with position;

  3. Protection class up to IP54;

  4. With thermal protection device;

  5. With up and down limit device;

  6. Safe, reliable in operation with minimum maintenance.

  7. High efficiency and small hand-pull.

  8. Light weight and easy handing.

  9. Fine appearance with small size.

  10. Durability in service.

 1.It's energy saving, safe and reliable. Besides, it's easy to operate and maintenance
 2.It's widely used in factories, mines, bridges, construction and other working places for material handling, equipment installation, etc.
 3.It's especially suitable for high-rise building construction and welding storage tank with a number of crane.
 4.The DHP hoist has compact structure, small value, light weight and high efficiency.
 5.The product is with high quality and reasonable price.

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 It is widely used in processing workshops, warehouses, wharves and various modern production lines and assembly lines in all walks of life. It is more flexible and convenient to use in the less space work place, and the electric hoist of the welding tank is also suitable for the climbing frame in the field of construction engineering, the lifting of the mould and the group hanging of the large oil tank, which has the advanced level of the world.


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