Inquiry for electric chain hoist from Republic of Uzbekistan

Keyword:electric chain hoist   Time:2021-1-20 18:41:23

Customer: We have inquiry for chain hoist.

In below file you can find technical requirements.

If you have any question feel free to contact me.


  Item Name


Detailed technical and   technological description (configuration) of the product


This hoist is designed for lifting loads of two tons each, the function of which is to lift cars in special containers after removal of car parts in the primary sectors. The device used in the placement is controlled synchronously using the operator remote control


  Technical and technological requirements for the product

Carrying capacity: 2.000 kg

Ascent: 9 meters

Lifting speed: 3.4 m / min

Load chain: dia.

7.1mm chain waterfall: 2

Net weight: 75 kg

Power supply: 3 phases -  380 V - 50 Hz




            2T electric chain hoist.jpg               2T electric chain hoist.jpg

RAMHOIST: 450 US $/unit (type: RM0202S,With Hook Suspension)
                    Remote control: 215 US $ (it can be controlled synchronously or control separately)

RM Electric Chain Hoists (With Hook Suspension).pdf

Customer: Thank you for your quick response.

I have a question.

Lifting range of Hoist that you are offering till 9m or 3m?