Need to replace the Longer shaft for bigger I beam width

Keyword:Ultra Low Headroom electric chain hoist   Time:2021-3-6 21:43:12

Customer: For Ultra Low Headroom electric chain hoist RM0302DL, Capacity, 2.5T, 2 chain falls, 15m lifting height, lifting speed 1.1/3.3m/min, traversing speed 5/20 m/min

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We require 180 in this, And size you provided is 115,How we do 180, Please guide 

RAMHOIST: 180 is not the standard, need the replace the original one with bigger shaft, you can make by your side.

Customer: It is not fix on existing I Beam, How much Shaft size increase?

RAMHOIST: Increase the shaft to 360mm or make a new 360mm shaft (pls see below thumb point)



Customer: When i taken in load the chain creating sound
We hanged Hoist when we put the load on the hoist 1000 kg chain sound creating
What is the reason? 

After 15 -20 minutes smoke comes out from motor
Please check what’s up, see the video:

RAMHOIST: Pls add lubricating oil and the sound of chain will be solved

for the smoke, would you pls check your power supply, if is beyond 10% of rated power supply 400V, then it will have problem, in some countries, the power supply is not stable.

Customer: Its normal,
Power supply,
I checked,
What happened with motor why smoke creating? Any reason ?

RAMHOIST: It should be the current wave that caused the motor brake pad gap changing too tight, Adjust it loosen.
there is no relation of motor quality

RAMHOIST: Remove the black anti-dust cover, loosen one forth (about 2 gears) of the brake in anticlock wise

loosen one forth (about 2 gears) of the brake in anticlock wise.jpg