Fit cordless remotes to the Electric chain hoists

Keyword:cordless remotes   Time:2021-3-25 17:42:04

RAMHOIST: Good afternoon Yang, Hope you are safe and well.
I have an enquiry about the hoist we purchase from you.
1 - Are you able to fit cordless remotes to these hoists when we purchase from you.
2 – Can 2 remotes be set to operate on 1 receiver?
3 – Can you let me know extra cost of to fit to Hoists?
4 – Can you also quote me for the following        
6 x Kits  which would include 1 x receiver and 2 x remotes              
Delivery to Vietnam
Can you send me the information on the cordless remotes

RAMHOIST: thanks for the concern everything is well here.
1 - yes
2 – yes
3 – 370USD
4 – 598.75+370=968.75 USD/set  
(1 x receiver and 2 x remotes could be used in 1 hoist or 2 hoists, as you like, 370USD is the price of 1 x receiver and 2 x remotes, above offer is based on fit on 1 hoist)

Manual of F cordless remotes (F遥控器系列英文说明书转曲1916D  V1.1)-1.pdf