Inquiry about Electric Single phase motor operated Chain block from Nigeria

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Electric Single phase motor operated Chain block          ( Capacity 03MT) with wheel rail , Contol pannel and 100 meter cable suitable power supply 

Your quote should contain the following.

 1. Commercial offer should contain your best discount so that we will be very competitive bids.

2. Delivery time - What is the delivery time from date of order.

3. Clarification - Do you need any clarification before we place the inquiry?

4. Specification - Is the specification as per client requirement or not advises the actual specification you have quoted for.

5. Materials - The materials that will be used is it as per clients materials requirements.

6. Weight: What is the shipping weight, is the goods a dangerous goods, normal shipping, do we required container, what size.

7. Account will be prepaid by wire transfer 100% before shipping.

8. Important please confirm if you are quoting a different spec from what is require, is yes please explain why.

9. Item include our item number on your quote for easy identification

10. Please send technical data sheet, catalog or picture.


Please we will appreciate if your treat as top urgent.

Kindly upload your best commercial and technical offer providing the following information:  
1.    Commercial price- Please sends us your best discount distributor price
2.    Technical offer – Catalog, picture, data sheet - Kindly attached your technical offer for approval so as to confirm to avoid any error in delivery.
3.    Weight-what is the weight, dimension weight, what size of container required, sea freight or airfreight
4.    Delivery time – What is your best delivery time from date of payment receipt. Ensure to keep the delivery time when order is made.
5.    Deviation – Kindly confirm that you have quoted as per specification described and that there is no deviation. If there is deviation, kindly clarify with reasons

RAMHOIST: 3T, 100m lifting height, single phase, type: RMVFD0301S:  1700 USD/unit (FOB china)
Delivery time: 10 days
Material: light aluminum alloy