Looking for ex-proof 8t ZONE 2 electric chain hoist c/w motorised trolley from Singapore

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Customer: Please offer price and delivery for.

Please provide full C:LEAR technical specification and dimensional drawing in pdf & CAD form.


  1. 2 units of - 8t ZONE 2 electric chain hoist c/w motorised trolley.

Capacity                       : 8,000kg – model EX1004S

Lifting height                 : 1 unit - 21 meters / 1 unit – 5 meters

Chain bag                     : Included

Hoisting speed              : 3.4 m / min c/w Overload clutch and up / down limit switches

Hoist motor power         : 2 X 3kW

No of chain falls            : 4

Chain size                    : Ø11.2 mm X 34

Trolley speed                : 13 m / min c/w left /right limit switches

Trolley motor power       : 0.8 kW

Trolley width                 : Adjustable 150 – 310mm

Pendant control            : 20 meters / 4 meters

Power supply                : 440V / 3-phase / 60Hz

Control voltage             : 48V a.c.

Weight                         : 641.6 0kg / 462.40 kg

NOTES                        : Data plates - English


Thank you for your co-operation, waiting for your reply.

RAMHOIST: 10T, 5M: 2700 USD
                       21M: 4000 USD (with metal bag)
specification and dimensional drawing of 10T is unavailable now.

Customer: Thank you for your reply, is your offer ex-proof type?

WE are looking for ex-proof ZONE 2.

RAMHOIST: no, we can make ex-proof, but price is higher, the ex-proof do not have overload clutch inside, if you need overload function, we can add overload protection outside

Customer: Please offer with and option without overload.
RAMHOIST: ex-proof without overload protection:
10T, 5M: 8350 USD
       21M: 10200 USD (with metal bag)
overload protection: 450 USD

Customer: Thank you for your offer, what is the delivery time

Please provide more clear drawing and dimension spec in pdf.

Please specify the exact ZONE classification and approval body. ATTACHED SAMPLES (below)

If you are awarded the job, we need full support on CAD drawings and technical.

Zone 1 ChengDayA.jpg

type: EX1004S