Request for offer of 6.5 ton electric chain hoists from Kosovo

Keyword:6.5 ton electric chain hoists   Time:2021-4-26 15:30:47

Customer: My name is Lorik Kocani, writing from company *** LLC based in Kosovo. 
We are currently looking to purchase two chain hoists (see file attached to email) and I saw that you produce a similar. 
Could you send us an offer for two units including the shipping to Durres Port, Albania. 

RAMHOIST: will you send the attachment of two chain hoists, since there is no attachement in your last email, thanks

Customer: Thank you for your patience. 
Here is the attachment (below). 






-Capacity: 6.5 ton

-Chain length: Minimum 20 meters (pulling height)

-speed: 0.5 meter/minute

-The motor power should be calculated to accommodate the weight capacity and   speed.

-Chain hoist length as in the picture H=1000 mm (see picture nr.1)

-Chain with wear protection

- Type and shape of the hoist needs to be as in the picture.


6.5 ton electric chain hoists.jpg

RAMHOSIT: our speed is quicker than yours, 1.8m/min (in 50HZ) is ok for you? 

Customer: Faster is better. No worries. 

RAMHOSIT: 7.5T, 1.8m/min, with hook suspension, lifting height 20m: 1230 USD/unit (FOB china)
(no capacity of 6.5T, just 7.5T and 5T, we use 7.5T to offer)

Customer: As long as we meet the minimum technical requirements we are good. So a higher capacity its ok for us. Can you send me a price for that one.

RAMHOSIT: i am a little puzzled, i have sent the price of 7.5T, do you mean you need 5T also? 

Customer: Replying from my phone, sorry for the typo. Yes 7.5 only. 

RAMHOSIT: 7.5T, 1.8m/min, with hook suspension, lifting height 20m: 1230 USD/unit (FOB china)

Customer: Thank you lots. In the mean time I will check transport cost to understand the complete price. 

RAMHOSIT: yes, you can ask your shipping company from shanghai or ningbo port in china to your convenient pick up sea port.
pls contact me if you need any assistance.

Customer: Will do, Thnx a lot