Looking to purchase Monorail hoist with 12 volt DC power supply

Keyword:Monorail hoist with 12 volt DC power supply   Time:2021-4-27 22:45:14

Customer: I am looking to purchase an electric beam trolly and chain hoist, it must be rated for lifting 2400 lbs, 12 volt DC power supply if possible. 
Please provide pricing and specifications.

RAMHOIST: power supply is normally 3 phase such as 380V, 3P, control voltage is 24V, is it ok for you?
1ton, 3m lift, with electric beam trolley, type RM0101S : 470 usd/unit (FOB china)
you do not have 3 phase power or 1 phase in site? 
if in this case, we suggest you use winch, it is 12V.