Looking for DHS electrical hoists in the USA

Keyword:DHS electrical hoists   Time:2021-4-28 18:55:34

Customer: We are looking for American supplier of the DHS electrical hoists.  Is there a supplier in the USA?    The product we are looking for is a 2000# hoist with power supply of 110 volts.    Is this something that is presently in your product line or consider  building.

RAMHOIST: we can not supply 110Volts for DHS hoist, 220v and 380V is available 

Customer: What is cost of 2 ton hoist with 220 volt. Also what is weight of this hoist.

RAMHOIST: may I know u quantity pls? thanks

Customer: Possibly 10.

RAMHOIST: 155 USD/unit (FOB china)

Customer: we are not going with this model of hoist.