Supply and Deliver Stahl Electric Chain Hoist Load (SWL):2500kg + Height of Lift:45m + Main Voltage:525Volts from South Africa

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Supply and Deliver Stahl Electric Chain Hoist c/w Certification

MODEL NR:ST5025-6/1.5 1/1

Hoist Duty Group (FEM):1Am (M4) Gearbox 3m(M6)/Lifting element 2m(M5)

Load (SWL):2 500kg

Height of Lift:45m

Main Voltage:525Volts

Control Voltage:48volts


Amount of Chain  Falls:1/1

Sheet Metal Chain Box:for 45metre chain

Hoisting Speed:1,50 / 6,00 m/min

Hoist Motor Power:0,76 / 3,00 kW

Cross Travel Speed:5,0 / 20,00 m/min

Trolley Motor Power:0,07 / 0,32 kW

Flange Width:300mm (Confirm order)

Duty Cycle:20 / 40% ED

Control Pendant:6metre Control Cable

Protection Class:IP 66 EN 60529

Operation:Outdoor use (-20 to +40 degrees)

Paint Type:Polyurethane resin 80um

Paint Color Hoist:RAL 7021,Grey-Black

Paint Color Panel Box:RAL 6018,Yellow-Green

Overload Protection:c/w Emergency Limiting by sliding clutch (not to be used during operation)



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Type: 2.5-01D, 3322.77 US $ (FOB china)

There are some difference between our electric chain hoist and you required, pls check our attached technical specification.

We just have Overload Protector outside the hoist but do not have clutch inside hoist (attached picture)

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