Inquiry about Electric chain hoist 1ton 2 ton and 3 ton + Trolleys 1, 2 and 3 ton + Power trolley 1, 2 and 3 ton from Canada

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Yang Hello

We are satisfied with our supplier of Hoists…… but if you wish to quote  we use 1ton 2 ton and 3 ton  we also use trolleys 1 ,2 and 3 ton    and we use power trolley  in 1 2 and 3 ton capacities   power is 380 3ph 50Hz and 220  1 Ph 50 Hz

Regards Ron



Dear Ron

Thanks for the reply.

Electric chain hoist (380 3ph 50Hz):

1 ton (type 01-01): 644.71US$/unit

2 ton (type 02-01): 961.41US$/unit

3 ton (type 03-01): 1145.09US$/unit

Electric trolley(380 3ph 50Hz):

1 ton: 266.03US$/unit

2 ton: 342.03US$/unit

3 ton: 380.03US$/unit


Electric chain hoist (220 1ph 50Hz):

1T, 1044.71US$/pc

2T, 1190.39US$/pc

3T, 1323.40US$/pc


Single-track power trolley (=end truck) (380 3ph 50Hz)

1T, 580.65US$/pc

2T, 967.74US$/pc

3T, 1258.06US$/pc


The price is based on FOB china.

Attached site photos of electric chain hoist and end truck we just produced for US, for your reference.

Best regards