Technical details and price information of electric chain hoist for Netherlands

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Can you please give me more technical details and price information?

Please give me you website data




Wim Swart


Managing Director


Dear Wim Swart
Thanks for the interest.


Attached Technical parameters and offer (FOB china, 5 pcs) of the electric chain hoist

High Quality RM Electric Chain Hoists China Supplier88.jpg


Dear Wim Swart
Attached catalogue of the electric chain hoist


Dear Wim Swart

Attached Assembling diagram of the electric chain hoist, for your reference.

If you are interested in manual hoist and end truck, pls kindly inform and I will work accordingly, thanks.


Dear Wim Swart

How are you?

Attached updated brochure of our chain hoist, for your reference.

Pls contact me if you are interested, thanks.

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