The statement of only one of the U.S. customer for chinese Manual chain hoist and Electric chain hoist

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From: Randall Smith <>

Date: 2011/2/23

Subject: RE: Chain hoist

To: xinhua yang <>


I don t know anything about you – my wife is Hong Kong Chinese, so I already know how Shady Chinese products are and the pain they cause my customers.


I need a lot more info,,,  samples and demo before I even consider changing vendors.  Harrington Hoist owned my Kito does a great job for us.



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Seeing is believing!

Send us a sample one ton
Manual chain hoist if you are interested in our business


Kind Regards,
Randy Smith Gen Mgr



We have been in business for over a century go to our website

We also own multiple companies in other states - if you're serious about marketing your hoist to us 

Then send us your product for testing and analysis or forget about us - pretty simple !





Send a two ton, 480 , motor voltage/control voltage is ALWAYS 110 in America

Send the absolute best price – including shipping to our office ( address listed below)


 Just so you understand, Reading will not pay for anything – we have very strong relationships with CM Hoist, RM hoist , Kito Hoist – we really don’t need another vendor unless there is a substantial difference in price, service and quality.





Port Phildelphia in the State of Pennsylvania or Port Baltimore in the State of Maryland .


How much is  FOB from China.  What city are you located in.  My Chinese family lives Hong Kong,  I may visit Hong Kong in the fall of 2011.

My wife has a sister in Hong Kong who sources products from China.


Tell me more about your company –

How long is business ?

How do you support product failure ?

How many units are inAmericanow ?

What is the biggest unit you make ?


Where is your website located ?





I have a rule,, I DON’T PAY FOR SAMPLE>..



Do not send a sample hoist – we have plenty of vendors – we will not pay for any sample.


My experience with China and manufacturing is extensive and I have learned saving a few dollars is not worth the problems which follow when it relates to customer service, parts, on-time product delivery, quality control other issues which are created in doing business with vendors.


I was very clear when we began this dialogue about a sample -  we are very busy, we have a great product line, and your cost, with shipping is not an applicable model for how we do business. 


Thank you for your time ! Remember SEEING is BELIEVEING -


Kung Hay Fat Choy !



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