New type 7.5t Three Phase Electric Chain Dual Limit Switch powered trolley Hoist with ultra low headroom

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  • Type: Suspension or trolley running

  • Usage: Material handling, metallurgy, mining, oil, petrochemical, etc

  • Sling Type: chain

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 10t

  • Maximum Lifting Height: 120m for small capacity

  • Lift Speed: 1~7.6m/min

  • Power Source: 3P, 380V, 50HZ, other type also available

  • Controler: Pendent control, remote control

  • Certification: ISO9001:2008, CE

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 Electric Chain Hoist, Chain Block, Compact Structure Electric Chain Hoist/0.5~10 ton electric chain hoist
 1. Steel material-durable and absolutely environmental friendly
 2. Light weight-easy to carry around, store and transport.
 3. High quality-strong loading capability, all our products are with 3 years guarantee
 4. Unique design-with perfect craftsmanship, owns technicians design for your special request.
 5. Favorable price-with competitive price under the assurance of quality
 6. Super pull rotor brake system
 Without asbestos, pull rotor brake system, column rotor taper braking motor.
 7. High efficient motor with fan cooled
 Reduce the quantity of heat when motor continuum working, postpone the working group.
 8. Low noise driven gear component
 For quiet operation and long working life
 9. Limit switch devices
 Switch off power automatically to prevent the over-winding and excess lifting and falling.
 10. High tensile alloy steel forging hook
 With high strength for extension, shear bending; it can revolve an angle of 360 degrees when loading, only distortion and open not broken when overloading.
 11. Phase error relay: A specially designed current-post, prevents motor from running at incorrect wire connection.
 12. High strength, high wear-resistance lifting chain;

Detailed description

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Using the most advanced square air connector
 More beautiful
 More waterproof and refractory
 Can be suit for the terrible environment and condition.

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Using aluminum body
 All aluminum made the hoist more light, appearance is more beautiful.
 Improve the anti-corrosion property and heat dispersion.
 Super rigid made it dust proof, waterproof, can be suit for the using environment and condition.

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High safely and reliability
 The machine set limited protection device, to avoid overloading caused harmful consequences; Motor thermal protection device, it can protect the motor; The upper and lower limit device, when the hook up or down to extremely limit, the opportunity to automatically cut off power supply, hook immediately stop action

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Strong import load chain
 Used in Japanese FEC chain and made it strong of the antifatigue and antifraying

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It have the emergence stop button of lose voltage protection
 Press the emergency stop button, it can immediately cut off the motor circuits
 Button controller adopts ergonomic design, easy to operate and comfortable
 Operating voltage is 24 v, more safty.

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 Whether chain hoist or wire rope hoist, electric or pneumatic; our line of powered hoists are ideal in manufacturing, power generation, and industrial facilities where heavy items are lifted and positioned as part of production or warehousing. Our new model high-capacity wire rope hoist complements our line with capacities up to 50 Tons. We offer a full line of manual hoists, both hand chain and lever tools, which are used primarily for maintenance and construction activities.

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