New Double Brake Electric Chain Lift Hoist with Trolley Hook 220/440, 230/260 dual voltage

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Household voltage. Industrial power.
Need a 115V or 220V single phase powered hoist with the duty cycle of a three-phase hoist. Look no further than the SER. Designed to exceed H4 industrial use ratings, the SER is equipped with a TEFC motor and a maintenance-free, self-adjusting, pull-rotor brake. That means you’ll get a single phase hoist that’s able to handle the long lifts and long shifts of any industrial job.

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Extreme-Duty, Single-Phase Fan-Cooled Motor
 The SER electric hoist is equipped with a 60-minute H4-rated motor which is unmatched in a single-phase offering. Built for extremes, the SER delivers proven performance in the most demanding applications.

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Self-Adjusting Maintenance-Free Brake
 With no brake coil to fail or discs to replace, the electromagnetic pull rotor brake on the SER is self-adjusting and virtually maintenance-free.

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The friction clutch is designed to last so you can focus on the job at hand. Keep lifting longer with protection from overloading and overwinding which can damage the hoist.

Heavy Cast-Iron Chain Guide

The heavy cast-iron chain guide provides quiet and smooth chain movement. Easily removed without disassembly of the hoist, it allows for easy maintenance in those demanding heavy-duty applications.

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Oil Bath-Lubricated, Heat-Treated Gearing

Heat-treating process increases the overall hardness and strength of internal parts which run smoothly when immersed in an oil bath. This extends service life by reducing friction, vibration and heat.

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Detailed description

  • 0.25 to 3 metric tonnes


  • CSA approved

  • Meets ASME B30.16

  • ASME 4

  • IP55 dust-tight and watertight environmental protection

  • At  rated capacity, load-bearing parts are only stressed to 25% of their limit


  • Plastic, canvas or steel chain containers

  • Lift lengths can be customized to suit requirements

  • Plain or geared trolley mount


  • Die-cast aluminum frame

  • Completely sealed body

  • Low headroom profile


  • Induction-hardened, durable alloy steel helical and spur gears submersed in an oil bath


  • Grade 80

  • Nickel-plated and corrosion-resistant


  • Long-lasting, heavy-duty cast iron construction, easily replaced without disassembling hoist


  • Forged carbon steel opens gradually without fracturing under excessive loads. Bottom hook swivels 360 degrees

  • Self-closing top and bottom hooks with heavy-duty hook latch


  • Located on one central electrical panel

  • Control Voltage 110 volts


  • Impact-resistant plastic with molded strain relief to avoid damage from pulling on the push button cord

  • IP65 dust-tight and watertight environmental protection


  • High-quality, anti-friction ball and roller design


  • Durable and reliable pull-rotor motor brake


  • Single phase

  • Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) squirrel cage

  • Re-connectable Voltage:115/230-1-60

  • Insulation class B

  • Hertz: 60

  • 60 minute, H4 rated, fan cooled for demanding applications


  • Long-life friction clutch protects hoist from excessive overload damage


  • Limit switch disables controls when load block reaches upper or lower travel limit


  • Recommended for -20 to +40 C and humidity of 85 per cent or lower

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