Motorized Trolley RMET075 Speed for Mexico

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I am redesigning a system with a motorized trolley and I am interested in the 7.5 t RMET075 model, but we notice that the speed @60Hz is 13m/min. We currently have an 8 t motorized trolley with a speed of 30m/min. I would like to know if it is possible increase the speed of your motorized trolley? or why is the reason of the actual speed of 13m/min?


Thank you in advance.

RAMHOIST: yes, we can increase the speed to 25m/min @ 60hz, is it ok for you?

Customer: Hi,


Yes, I received your email. Thanks for the support, we are in the basic engineering stage, we will specify the model of your trolley. If the project is approved, I will contact you in a few weeks.


Thanks in advance.

RAMHOIST: What’s the status of the project?  Any update? thanks

Customer: Maybe in a month the project will be approved. I will send your contact to our buyer so that they consider you in the tender.

RAMHOIST: Well noted, thanks