Request for quotation Inverter Driven Hoist from U.A.E

Keyword:Inverter Driven Hoist   Time:2022-2-15 19:33:08

Dear Supplier,


We have requirement of 1 ton inverter driven hoist similar to the picture below. Quantity required is 1. If you require any more technical information on this pls contact Mr. Kirk Dickson (02215****/056-992****)


Could you pls send us the quotation for above.

1 ton inverter driven hoist similar to the picture.jpg

RAMHOIST: May i know what's the invert (VFD) used for?

if you need invert to realize dual speed, then we have dual speed one, no need invert since with separate VFD is higher than existing dual speed hoist.

if you need to convert three phase power to single pahse power, then we need VFD

await for your reply then we will move forward, thanks

Customer: Good afternoon,

We need variable speed control for lifting 0.5 ton rollers on and off a lathe machine with precision.

Dual speed would be no good as due to the reach of the crane arm we get a problem with bounce.

The supply is 3 phase 415v 50Hz.



我们需要变频控制,以便精确地将 0.5 吨滚轮从车床上吊上吊下。


电源为 3 相 415v 50Hz。

RAMHOIST: Do you need very slow start and creeper/slow speed for lifting only or for lifting and electric trolley?

Customer: Good morning Yang,

We only require the slow speed for lifting/lowering.

RAMHOIST: our existing dual speed without invert (VFD) is 3.5/1.2m/min, means the slow speed is 1.2m/min, we can also add VFD for single speed, but the slow speed is about 1m/min, very near the slow speed of existing dual speed without invert (VFD), but with much higher price with VFD

await for your reply.

Customer: I’d rather have full speed control thanks

RAMHOIST: We do not have full speed control (i assume you mean the speed from 0 to max., then max to 0, to any speed within 0-max. as you like)

We only have speed below:

1: Existing dual speed without invert (VFD): 3.5/1.2m/min

2: Single speed with invert (VFD): 3.5m/min to 1m/min with invert (VFD)