Mini chain hoist electric chain hoist stage hoist 220V/50Hz,1 or 3 PHASE

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A glimpse of electric chain hoist for stage use (upside down)

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The Stage electric chain hoists are designed specifically and have got more and more important for the touring, light, stage, theatre and entertainment industry, which ensure safe and precise positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, scenery, etc. If used for simple build ups of trade fairs, the positioning of displays and screens or for the movement of weights during a show – the chain hoist from RAMHOIST can fulfil all these jobs.

RAMHOIST can be used in either upright (hoist up, chain down) or inverted (chain up, hoist down) orientation. Single phase hoists are also available.

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General introduction of Stage chain hoist:

Stage chain hoist is a kind of up side down chain hoist, which is specially designed for stage construction, light and truss lifting

Stage chain hoist is equipped with hooks at upper and lower side, one is used to lift lighting equipment, the other side is fixed on beam. Usually, stage hoist is working in couple, such as 2/ 4 / 6 units at the same time, with same lifting speed, So it’s important that, all the working stage chain hoists have to keep balance.

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In order to avoid effecting stage performance, stage chain hoist to be printed with black color. The chain can be black or galvanized treated to avoid rust. The lubricate oil is filled into gear box with perfect sealed, no oil drop on the stage.

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Basic information of Stage chain hoist:

 1. Capacity from 250kg to 2ton.

 2. Lifting height is decided by stage site situation, 6m, 9m, 12m, 24m, or as request.

 3. Power supply: single phase 110V/ 120V/ 220V/240V, or three phase 220V/ 380V/ 415V/440V, as customer’s requirement.

 4. Load chain is made of high strength Grade 80 alloy steel chain.

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 5. Hooks are forged treatment, high strength and toughness, with safety latch.

 6. Hoist housing is made of aluminum, light and good performance for heat dissipation.

 7. Motor with cooling fan and overheat protection, which make this stage hoist much longer lifespan.

 8. Electronic magnet braking system.

 9. Stage chain hoist equipped with safety clutch for overload protection.

 10. Remote control can be installed according to customer's requirement, much convenient for control.

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