Electric chain hoist D8+

Keyword:Electric chain hoist D8+   Time:2023-1-17 8:50:30


We need Electric chain hoist - Model D8+ double brake

-          Load 500 kg,

-          Load – 1000 kg

Direct drive 3 phase 380V

Chain length 20m-24m


IP65 waterproof


We would like to buy more pieces but we would take four for testing to begin with

我们需要电动环链葫芦 -  D8+双刹车

 - 载荷 500公斤,

 - 载荷 1000公斤





RAMHOIST: May i know what's your usage enviroment? thanks



We are a rental company from Serbia and we organize festivals, concerts and all other outdoor events in Serbia

RAMHOIST: what the usage enviroment i mean:  Does the electric chain hoist immerse in the water to use? or it is used in water vapour (steam)? or it is used in outside and sometimes is sopping with rain?

Customer: Dear,


The electric chain hoist is used outside and sometimes in the rain


-          Load 500 kg:       850  USD

-          Load – 1000 kg:  900 USD

IP65 rated and with waterproof cover