Ref: 3870- RFQ for Motorized chain Block from Pakistan

Keyword:Motorized chain Block   Time:2023-3-6 14:31:13

Dear Mr. Yang,


We have a requirement of Motorized chain Block as per specifications listed below:


Sr. No.




Motorized chain Block

Alongwith trolley

Capacity : 10 ton

Fall: 11m

01 Set.


It is requested to please quote, including following information.

1. Delivery Period

2. Validity Period

3. Technical Literature


Look forward to receive your offer soon.


Thanks and Best Regards,

RAMHOIST: 10T, 11m, single speed 2.7m/min: 2700 USD  (type: RM1004S)

1. Delivery Period:  20 days

2. Validity Period:  30 days:

3. Technical Literature: 

technical details:

technical brochure: