SRM0101S Hoist Information for USA

Keyword:Single phase Hoist   Time:2023-10-24 13:54:17

Customer: Hello,


I am looking for more information on hoist SRM0101S.  Specifically, total amp draw, pricing, and shipping to USA.


SRM0101S is hoist with 1 phase capacitor motor, but customer said too much noisy, 

most customer choose hoist with VFD (Variable-frequency Drive), the price is 620 USD  (220V, single phase), amp draw is 8A, need to know your quantity to calculate the shipping cost to USA, may i know which sea port is convenient for you to pick up in USA?



I believe we were only looking for a capacitor motor due to our environmental constraints.  We only would like 1 unit to test out currently, but .  Do you offer ground shipping after it arrives in the US?  We are located in Wisconsin, so we would not be able to pick it up directly.

RAMHOIST: May i know your power supply local?

Customer:  Yang,


We were looking for single phase 230VAC.  We will be using these at 50Hz, but would also like to test them at 60Hz if possible. 

RAMHOIST: for hoist with VFD (Variable-frequency Drive), we have VFD built in the hoist inside, so it has no effect for environmental constraints.