Russia / chain hoist electric motors. European typev /Intelligent hoist

Keyword:chain hoist electric motors   Time:2023-10-29 9:06:14

Customer: Dear Sir/ Madam. Goo afternoon.

lease, let me introduce our company (factory)

We are a R*** manufacturing company specializing in metalworking. Gates, cranes, jib cranes.etc

we're looking for new suppliers, (A company that can be relied upon) for

1-                   chain hoist electric motors. European type, Hook Type/ electric chain hoist /loading capacity 125-2000 kg/50 or 60hz/ double speed.

((N)RM Electric Chain Hoists)

        2-         Intelligent hoist 80 kg up to 1000 kg

The quantity we looking for 150-180 sets.

Kindly, share with me your catalog for chain hoist electro motor fit with above parameters requirement.

Kindly,  let me know if you have any additional question to quote the right hoist?

RAMHOIST: (N)RM Electric Chain Hoists does not have double speed motor (only single speed motor is available), only RM Electric Chain Hoists have double speed motor

techical details of (N)RM Electric Chain Hoists:

techical details of RM Electric Chain Hoists: