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DHK small electric chain hoist, electric hoist with cheap price

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DHK electric chain hoists are a kind of new lifting equipment which adopt Germany advanced technique and add technological innovation and change structure. They keep the features of chain hoists' light and convenience and improve the disadvantages of chain hoists such as manual operation and the slow lifting speed. DHK electric chain hoist not only reserve the legerity of chain hoists, but also are improved from man-operated, integrating the superiority of electric and chain hoists, compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, convenient use, simple maintenance, high lifting speed, smooth running and beautiful appearance. DHK electric chain hoists are driven by the plate type braking motor and decelerated by the reducer. Besides, their unique overloading safety protection setting and electrical machine hot protection setting guarantee the higher reliability of this product.

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 The bodies of DHK electric chain hoists are made of high-strength tensile shell or die-casting aluminum shell, and they are made of thin wall extrusion molding technology. They are small in volume, light in weight and high in strength. The standard DHK electric chain hoists are equipped with an independent gearbox system, a two stage coaxial transmission gear mechanism in a sealed gearbox, and a long life oil bath lubrication system. The electric hoists' powder metallurgy clutches are used as an overload protection device, which adopt disc type direct current electromagnetic field braking. What's more, the braking torques are large, stable, fast, and the noise is small.

 DHK electric hoist is one for simple portable electric lifting, suitable for factories, mines construction sites, agricultural production, and docks, warehouses for installation of equipment, cargo loading and unloading vehicles overweight, more of its important function. DHK-type electric hoist can be used with a variety of supporting the use of the composition TROLLEYS electric power lifting and transport trolley, suitable for overhead monorail transport electric single-girder bridge cranes and jib crane test.

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 DHK type electric chain hoisthas such characteristics as fast lifting speed, convenient operation and beautiful appearance. Especially,its unique overloading safety protection setting and electrical machine hot protection setting make sure of the higher reliability of this product.

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 Product Features:
 Our electric hoist equipment reduces the physical effort required for lifting and handling operations that improved the working conditions and makes the operations safe.
 DHK type high-speed endless chain electric hoist is a kind of new lifting equipment which adopt Germany advanced technology. It changed the structure of the same lever products and applied for patent. It is high speed lifting, stable lifting, compact design, convenient and elegant. DHK electric hoist widely used in factory, mine, wharf, store and ware house and always combinated with trolley to improve the work condition and efficiency.
 DHK series electric chain hoists are the  most famous products of our company. The product has the traits of reasonable design, advanced structure,remarkable frame,small volume,perfect appearance,big tenacity easy maintenance and durablity ect.

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Quality Assurance
 1.Machine meet the standards of factory standard, Ministry of standard, GB set quality standards.
 2.According to the relevant provision of the National Product Quality Supervision and Regulation; Product, we implement the three guarantees: repair, replace or return.
 3.If not belongs to supplier's responsibility herein shall be settled by friendly consultations of two parties.

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 Product Description
 This portable electric hoist  is our own boss designed according to customer requirements, applied for  national patents. It replaces the traditional hand chain hoist, the use of simple and labor-saving, so that workers more easily. This hoist is also very suitable for outdoor use, simply take an electric wrench, the electric wrench fully charged, even in the absence of electricity can also be used. Of course, it also has some limitations, not all places are suitable for it. For the material of the gourd we are using high quality materials, product quality can be guaranteed.

Supply Ability
 Supply Ability:1000 Unit/Units per Month ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST
Detailed description

  • Motor
       - It is featured with 30-min work rating and class F insulation.

  • Forging steel structure
       - It is up to the Japanese Industrial Standard BB 8815-1997 IV and V class.

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 3.Double brake system -Electromagnetic brake and mechanical brake
 - Electromagnetic brake system ,which is a new braking system ,use the non-asbestos brake linings to extend maintenance interval greatly. It is tested more than 22,500 times without adjustments.
 4.Chain wheel
 - It is made up of alloy steel and dealt with heat treatment. It has passed  29,200 times wear test.

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 - The surface of chain is dealt with case carburization. It contains Si Ni Mo. The inside material is softened.
 6.Screw gear
 - It is made up of alloy steel and dealt with heat treatment.

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 7.Overload limit protector
 - It can protect itself from overload and low-load.
 8.Anti-phase protection relay
 - When power wire is misconnected, the anti-phase protection relay can protect machine from damage.
 9.24-36V low voltage control
 - The low voltage control can protect operators from electrical shocks.

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 DHK electric chain hoistis widely used in lifting light and small goods. It can also be used in low level space materials circulation system by mating with aerial traveling crane equipment.This electric chain hoist attests to be effective equipment which can improve working condition and enhance labor efficiency.

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