Portable 1 to 10 Ton Dhs Type 380 Volt Home Lifting Tools Stationary Electric Endless Chain Hoist

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 DHS series electric chain hoists are the most famous hoist in china. they are with advanced structure, reasonable design, small volume, remarkable frame, great wear resistance, big tenacity, easy maintenance and durability

 1. High efficient energy-saving motor of DHS type electric chain hoist is with free brake system.

 2. Top and bottom hooks of DHS electric chain hoist are fitted with saftey latches as standard.

 3. Drop forged steel suspension and load hooks are heated tread and facture resistent.

 4. The limit switch device of electric chain hoists is fitted at both top and bottom ends, which switchs off power automatically to prevent load chain from running out.

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 RAMHOIST Services

 1.We have more than 50 professional technical teams who provide best global after-sales service.

 2. Welcome OEM producers choose our electric hoist.

 3. Fast delivery time.

 4. We are one of the market leaders for crane and hoist in china.

 5.All hoists have acquired the CE, ISO, PICC, SGS, TUV certificate.

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DHS series electric endless chain motor lifting block is a new hoist which improves the disadvantage of manual operation and low speed and also easy to carry as the chain block.

It has the advantage of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, easy to use and guard.

It is suitable for low-speed distant, loading and unloading, materials, facilitating equipment, mineral and project erection.

The hoists are with good quality and low price, safe and reliable.

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