220V Workshop Dhs Type Motorized 2 Ton Electric Pulley System Chain Group Hoist, Endless Chain Motor Lifting Block

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DHS series electric chain hoists are a kind of new small lifting equipment, which can be effectively used to lift, transport, load and unload. It can be widely used in various industrious industries of processing workshops, docks, construction sites, all kind of shops and modernized production line. The cover of it is made by high quality alloy steel which make it light and solid. With the perfect sealing design, it can work in poor condition environment.

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DHS type chain hoist is a widely used manual hoisting machinary which is easy to use and carry; It can be used in factory, mine, agricuture & electricity; construction site and dock. and it can also be used in installing of machinary, lifting, loading and unloading in the warehouse; especially suitable to be used in the open air and the place without power source.

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Safety notice
 1. Please check hooks, wire rope, wheel bearings and other accessories before use
 2. Do not over weight used
 3. Do not expose the hoist in rain or very humid place
 4. Strictly prohibit people to work under it when it working
 5. Gear and spring should be maintained regularly to prevent brake failure.
 6. Please select the appropriate tonnage block according to the weight of the load.

Detailed description

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