Hot Sale 1ton 2ton 5ton Explosion Proof or Anti-Explosion 380V Three Phase Electric Ring Chain Trolley Hoist for Industry

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EX (Explosion-proof) type Electric Chain Hoists (anti-explosion electric chain hoists) are kind of new style and small lifting equipment, which are ideal tools to lift heavy objects, load and unload, maintain equipment. This kind of EX type electric chain hoists are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the guidelines for explosion-proof plant-use electric equipment and facilities. The most prominent feature of EX type electric chain hoists is that they have excellent performance and are very suitable for the explosive areas and tough areas, which can ensure safety under the premise of improving working conditions and also production efficiency.

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Features Of Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist
 1. Compact, light, safe and reliable
 2. Components and parts are used universally, strong compatibility
 3. High lifting capacity, easy maintenance
 4. Easy operation, accurate lifting steady operation
 5. Small tonnage, low lifting height, which is the wire rope electric hoists' best alternative product.

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There is one thing that need to be mentioned is that please note that this electric chain hoists does not satisfy the requirements for coal mine explosion-proof equipment. Moreover, the coupling are installed on the 2-stage transmission gear are designed to prevent overloading of the hoist and the high strength hoisting chain makes the hoisting more safe and stable. Thanks to the special anti-explosion treatment, it makes the electric chain hoists can adapt to more flammable, explosive and dustier working environment. Explosion-proof electric chain hoists are reference and absorb the advantages of similar products abroad and at home with an easy maintenance and practical uses.

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  Detailed description


As emergency overload protection, Clutch will work and motor will stop when abnormal load

Cooling fan

Cooling fan prevents motor over heat when continuous long time usage. Hollowed-out fan cover and cooling fin not only enhance fan heat dissipation capacity but also makes fan operate more quietly.

Limit switch without guide frame

No guide frame ensures hoist lift and drag the weight diagonally.

The shell

Except for connecting case, all other parts hoist body adopt aluminum with light weight but exceptional rigidity, as well as high dust-protection and water-protection

Side magnetic braking device

The magnetic force generator is the latest design which is featured for generating magnetic force. It allows instant brake as soon as the electric power is cut off. thus brakes safety while loading is guaranteed.

Dual speeds hoist adopt built-in inverter

Adopting built-in inverter to make hoist in dual speeds reduces swing in operation, helps hoist start steadily and stop slowly. The speed ratio can be adjusted, the standard speed ratio is 4:1, if for special requirement, please inform in advance

Antiphase protector

Advantages: When power-supply wiring mistake, the control circuit is unable to move in order to protect motor from being burned.


It is hot forging with perfect strength that is hard to break. The operation safety of the lower hook is ensured by its 360 degrees rotation and safety tongue piece


High grade: It is import Japanese chain with ultra strong heat treatment alloy steel.
Advantages: It is safely when used in the rain water, sea water, under the chemical and other bad conditions

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Hot sales explosion proof electric chain hoist is widely used in lifting heavy weight or installed in a single beam cranes, linear or curve beams, the hoist double beam, hoist gantry crane or cantilever crane, petroleum, petrochemical, oil stations, oil depots, gas, chemical, military, docks, warehouses, railways, power, mining, electronics, railways, and other potential fire and explosion hazardous environments, the explosion-proof construction where ignition temperature and explosion class categorize for ambient steam or gas. In the operation, the product will not produce mechanical sparks due to friction and collision, and will not detonate the gas in flammable and explosive places, which effectively prevent fire accidents and ensure national property and personal safety.

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