Safety Dual Brake System 0.5 to 10 Ton Electric Beam Motor Powered Lifting Trolley Electric Crawl Mdt with Four Wheels or 6 Wheels for PA Mini Hoist

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Electric trolley is also called electric series trolley, which has the similar function with the Geared Trolley. But it is more easy and efficient. Electric trolley is driven by the engine, and it can be easily running on the bottom of I Beam Track by 4 wheels. It can be attached to electric hoists and other lifting tools to form an electric carriage trolley. It can be also sent on single girder cranes or cantilever cranes, widely used in factory, miner, storage, etc to install machines, lift cargoes and repair equipment. Lifting load: 0.5-100ton.The electric trolley is mainly used in such machinery equipment of basic construction as electric power, ships, motors-manufacture, constructions, highways, bridge, metallurgy, miners, tunnel, wells, manage and protection, etc.

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 (1)Electric trolley should be formed a complete set with chain hoist or other lifting machines.

 (2)Electric trolley trolley should be fit on the bottom flange of I-beam to compose a running lifting trolley.

 (3)There are ball bearings are inlayed in the wheels of the Plain & Geared trolley.

 (4)Electric trolley is a lifting machine that has high efficiency in operation with small hand-pull/push force

 (5) Electric trolley is also called electric monorail car, its using function is similar to the hand trolley, but electric trolley saves more labor and more convenient.

 (6)Electric trolley is motor as the power, four-wheel walking in the range of I-Beam. It can combine electric hoist and other hoisting tools to form one electric transportation driving, and this driving can be widely used in factories,mine,warehouses for installation, dispatching goods, equipment maintenance. The weight: 0.5 tons to 100 tons.

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Ramhoist electric trolleys and crawls can be supplied in many different designs and are used to support and mount hoisting equipment for fixed or travelling applications.

They are tested with overload and supplied with a test certificate and an operating instructions manual which contains a CE declaration of conformity.

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 1.Easy for maintenance and fix

 2.Quality warranty

 3.Top crane manufacturer

 4.Gearbox lubricated for life

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End carriages can be installed on various kinds of cranes or suspended on I beam to do some straight or curve motions. Fixed electric hoists can be installed on fixed support to do some vertical motions. They are widely used in industrial and mining, rail way, in U Power, Ship, Automobile Manufacture, Construction, Highway, Bridges, Metallurgy, Mining, Slope Tunnel, infrastructural project of mechanical equipment, port, warehouse etc.

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