I-Beam Manual Push Plain Running Trolley, Hand Push Beam Track Roller Trolley

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RAMHOIST's Plain trolley made in china is an easily adjustable tool which fixed by round nuts to fit a wide range of I beam and H beam width. Fine adjustment and fitting to the beam is extremely easy by adjusting the round units. With Excellent rolling feature which due to machined steel wheels mounted on prelubricated, encapsulated ball bearings. Anti-tilt and anti-drop device are standard request. Both normal beam and long beam is available.

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Features of Plain trolley

 1. Standard anti-tilt and anti-drop devices

 2. High grade sealed ball bearing

 3. Wide selection of beam width

 4. Easy and adjustable

 5. With fine adjustment and fittings to the beam, easily adjusted by the round nuts

 6. Adjustable to fit a wide range of beam profiles

 7. Easily adjustable (round nuts) to fit a wide range of beam widths

 8. Excellent rolling features due to machined steel wheels mounted on pre-lubricated, encapsulated ball bearings

 9. Color: Yellow, other color is also available upon request

10. Nameplate: Use RAMHOIST or your own company as authorized

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Advantages of Plain trolley

 1.High quality sealed ball bearings.

 2.Extremely easy work-site installation.

 3.Compatible with I-beam and H-beam rail.

 4.Easily travels over minor rail surface irregularities.

 5.Can be supplied with anti-drop plates and anti -tilt device.

 6.More thickness of the steel plates and strong shaft to ensure the good safety.

 7.With anti-drop plates.

 8.The wheels are made to fit any shape of beam

 9. Wheels lubricated and equipped with bearings for long life.

 10.Adjustable to any beam width, simply by adjusting the number of collars.

 11.The static test is 4 times of capacity, and running test is 1.5 times of capacity one by one. 

 12.For Manual Push Plain Running Trolley, the standard operating length is 3m, other length is available upon request.

 13.For geared trolley, the standard operating chain length is 3m,other is available upon request.

Detailed Photosof Plain trolley

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