Mini small portable wire rope electric hoist 100kg 300kg remote control electric winch

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Product Description
The Electric Hoist is an essential handy tool for lifting operations, ideal for places like the garage, store, and warehouse. The hoist can be bolted to an overhead beam for lifting jobs and suspending heavy loads without straining your back. The electric hoist can help you to lift heavy things easier and safer which are difficult to move by yourself. Start using one in your workshop today!

Lifting jobs are easier, quicker and safer as our electric hoist with a powerful function. This electric hoist lets you stand at a safedistance while you lift up to 2000 lbs by remote control. Our electric hoist has two method of using: single-hook and double hook. With an electric hoist that lifts at a rate up to 26 ft/min single, 13 ft/min double, the job gets done faster and more safely. Featuring a single cable length of 40 ft., this electric hoist is great for any shop or automotive garage loading heavy equipment or removing engines.

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Our electric hoist is a fully automatic hoist, requires no hand cranking. It can lift small engines, transmissions, large shop tools, or building supplies easily Suitable for lift up heavy shop equipment,enginer repair and maintenance applications. Perfect for any shop or automotive garage and loading heavy equipment or removing small engines.

 1. Do not use for transportation of people! Please read the product brochure carefully before using.
 2. Be certain hoist is properly bolted to a structure that can hold the hoist hold before using it.
 3. Do not overload! The hoist will do the job better at the load it was rated.
 4. Do not use inappropriate attachments to extend the length of the hoist cable.